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Estates atlas fund considers investments in our country about over 200 million euros

 The investment fund “Atlas “Estates announced that investigate potential investments in Bulgaria of an overall value 215 million euros. Despite the company doesn’t give detailed information for the kinds of projects, in her announcement it is settle  that it becomes a word for exploitation of real estates, and no for procurement of being  such, that they generate revenues already.
The investments that the company considers in our country are with a highest value in comparison with these that researches in the other countries of central and east Europe.
Her portfolio of potential projects is in a value 192 million euros for Romania, Slovakia 30 million euros in Hungary 23 million euros and in Poland 38 million euros. The total sum of the project questions  is 498 million euros.
Estates ”Atlas” note that projects that are in enough advanced phase of training are this, to permit the management to do real judgment of the gross value of the investings of them.
The company did the first investment in our country last year, buying a office building in Sofia for 7,3 million euro.
The fund is founded  at the beginning of  2006 and is being traded on the london exchange.It’s portfolio is including different real estates in Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

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