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“Danube Mall” - the first mall in Rouse

 The austrian company"HypoAlpe Adria funds with 15 million euros the construction of first trade centre in Rouse which will be of the type “ mall”. 20 of march will  turn the first sod, announced from the company .
The name of the future big shop is “ Danube Mall. It will be spread over 32 sq.m. and built It on five levels- underground and four floors. Also there will be built and underground parking with 230 places  for cars .
On the first floor there will  be situated big shop  for food with area of 2200 sq.m. and another 17 smaller trade premises, designed for shops, bank offices, mobile operators and others. For the first and second floor are provided 70 premises for mode, services, furnisher, technics and casino.
On the third floor you can enjoi and take a rest. You can use this a recreation centre for relax and the outside terrace with panoramic view of Danube. The project is also there to have food court, four bar- cafes , special place for children, balling, and billiard.
The mean priority of “Danube  Mall” is his location of important road arteries, such as the  main entrance of “Danube bridge” for Romania, the mean ways  to the capital Sofia and to the sea capital Varna. "industrial park Ruse”  is located in immediate nearness, where  will work more than 10 000 persons daily.
An investor in a “Danube-mall "is the bulgarian company"MarmegГ" LTD. The owners are Vencislav Rachev and Dimityr Dimitrov.
The other priority is that “Danube Mall “ has a strategic position- crossing  few  means arteries and on the border with Romania. Approximately 20 000 people from Rumania visiting Rouse every holiday. Therefore the “ Danube Mall” project is a excellent idea not only for Rouse and for Romania”- consider Horst Ebhart, general manager of “"HypoAlpe-Adria-Leasing” for Bulgaria.

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