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Balchik and an investor in a hotel argue for a terrain with a found temple of Kibela

 The municipality administration of Balchik announced that they were ready to redeem the plot of land, where was discovered Kibela temple. The problem that is coming with is that this will worth much of the municipal budget. Nikolai Angelov – major of  Balchik , sad that the administration was offer to the owner of the plot of land another property- land with much more area, but he didn’t take the offer. At this moment both of the sides can not take submissions well about the value of the eventual purchase sale. The municipality stopped the construction of the hotel, in whose construction last spring was discovered the antic monument of the culture and the investor of the project is abroad- added Angelov. The temple of Asia goddess is so esteemed and as well so good preserved that it deserve to  be call world memorial of the culture. The old part of Balchik can be turn in centre of the pilgrimage tourism. Priority is and the church near to the temple.  The xcavations of the project continue and this spring. Among the most value finds, discovered in the temple are eight marble Kibela statues, 25 stone inscriptions – mainly wrote at ancient Greek , ceramics , a lot of coins from III-IV century after Christa.

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