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The companies, investing in real estates in Europe, bring loss of 4.1 percent in may

 The index, follow the change of the stocks of the companies,  investing in  Global Property Research - GPR 250 real estates, lowers itself with 2.3 percent in may, showed exported data of the company.
The companies, investing in properties in Okeania, has been marked the biggest negative profitableness for the investors with 9,4%, following from these in Africa with 6,3% and Europe- 4,1%.
For comparison, the index, following  the change  of the campaigns of the  world MSCI, is being increased by 1.7 percent in may, comparison with the last month. The index following the change of the European stocks, growth up with 0.9%.
From the beginning of this year the investors had lost 4.4% of the invested in the companies, investing in real estates, while in the last one year their wastage is about 32.2 % of the invested resources.
The profitableness is positively for the last three years still, as totaling 3.8%.
The most positive profitability is registered in Greece - 12.8%, following by Poland with 2.3%, Austria- 1.8% and Switzerland with 0.7%.
On the opposite front is Norway with loss of the investors of 16.2% in month base in the past month. Biggest losses of the last  six months have marked again the investors in the country that had lost 43%.
Major losses in size of 11.6 % in May, the companies, investing in real estates in Finland  and as well as in Turkey and Uk with 8.7 % for the month, have noted further.
For the last one year the representation of the companies in the sector is easy told negative. Losses of 53.4% were brought for the investors of the Turkish companies, following by the Italian with 45.9%.
There is missing country that had been brought in profit for the investors with less loss as Switzerland- 8.2% did it.
Despite the mortgage and real estates market crisis in USA, definitely we can say that the companies there were better at all.
In May the average profitability of the infestation in those kind companies amounted 0.1%, while from the begining of the year it was 8.2%

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