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(ref no. 1)

Type: Land
Price: 1 EUR
Area: 1 sq.m.
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1.NEW Agricultural land for sale in the village of Maisko/Veliko Tarnovo region near Elena. The land spreads over 50 000sq.m., Represents fields, very close to the settlement, easy to be supplied with electricity and running water. Total sq.m.: 50 000sq.m. Price: 185EUR per 1000sq.m Total Price :9250EUR

2.NEW: Land for sale in the village of Draganovo - Burgas region. One big plot of 100 000sq.m. Represent fields. Price 350Eur per 1000 sq.m Total Price: 35000EUR

3.NEW: Land in Miikovtsi/Veliko Tarnovo region, near Elena. 100 330sq.m. Represent combination of 19 plots as the biggest once are: 19 500sq.m, 16 400sq.m, 18 900sq.m, the others are by 1, 2sq.m .. ..Price: 125EUR per 1000sq.m. Total Price: 12 542EUR 

4.NEW: ref.Number G15
The land is located in kamenari. Represents combination of 8 plots( 1.800; 1.400 2.370; 1.644; 4.00; 6.00; 3.889; 2.193) Price: 140Eur per 1000 sq.m Total price: 3261EUR . This land is very close to your that you bought. The big priority of the plot is that this land 6.00 and 4.000 are bordering each other and the total bigger plot is 10 000sq.m. BORDERING with river. About 10-15 metres away from the plot there is an asphalt road and electricity. The land represent meadows which are mowing each ear. 

5.NEW:. land 29 997sq.m- represents combination of three plots: First one is 3 000sq.m- VIII category, second one 13 000sq.m- VIII category., third one is 12 997- VI and VIIIcategory sq.m. PRICE: 140EUR. Total price:4200EUR


7. Land in the village of Maisko/Elena 52 800sq.m; combination of 5 plots( 10.499dka;3.000dka;22.901dka;;
6.998dka;9.400dka; with very nice mountain views.Price 140EUR per 1000sq.m

8. Land and house in the Village of Glavan/Svilengrad region- two storey house , furnished with 5 000sq.m garden and 60dka agricultural land. Price 20 000EUR 

9. Land in the village of Konstantin. Total size 22.500dka. Combination of 6 plots. Price 140EUR per 1000sq.m

10.Land in the village of Ruhovtsi- 13.224sq.m. Combination of 3 plots. Near to asphalt road, electricity and water supply. Price 185EUR per 1000sq.m

11. Plot of land located in Todiuvtsi/Elena- 11,297dka . Price 140EUR per 1000sq.m. Total price 1582EUR

SOLD. 12.Land in Bozhevtsi: 70 000sq.m . Combination of 3 plots, bordering with small river and 100 m away from asphalt road. Price 140Eur per 1000sq.m 

13.Land in Rakovo, Sliven rgion- 54 500sq.m.combination of 9 plots as the biggest ones are by 11 000 and 13 000sq.m. Price 140EuR per 1000sq.m. Total price: 7630EUR

14. Land in the village of Streltsi, Kotel municipality, Sliven region. 38km away from the town of Elena. Near electricity and water supply, near asphalt road and river- 6 003 sq.m. Price 180Eur per 1000sq.m. Total Price: 1081Eur

15. Land in Maisko, Elena region- 48 735sq.m. Combination of 6 plots. The bigger one is 21 000sq.m.Near to electricity and water supply.Price 200Eur per 1000sq.m. Total price: 9747Eur

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