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British consumers see real estate as the safest place for their money

bulInvesting in foreign shores such as Brazil, Bulgaria, and Thailand is impacting greatly on property prices New announces show that British consumers see property as the safest place for their money.
New real estate research compiled by the BBC has shown that 53% of those who took part in the research project told that owning property is far safer than physical cash.
In spite of this, some investment vocationals believe that cash is a better bet, as long as banks remain liquid. Nevertheless, the British government have not been entirely successful in their campaign to quiet public opinion since the near collapse of Northern Rock. Northern Rock is the first British bank in almost 150 years to victim of any internal or external effects. However, the US 'credit crunch' forced the company to take a huge cash loan from the Bank of England.
On the back of the shaky UK property market, a huge number of investors are choosing to place their confidence in overseas estate investments. Foreign exchange company HiFX, have reported 23% of UK residence are having problems meeting their mortgage repayments every month and 16 million people are actually considering emigration to sunnier climes in a bid to flee financial worries. 

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