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The number of the spa hotels and balneotherapy sanatoriums in Hisar is being increased

uiTwo new large hotels will open doors in the spring in Hisar city, the municipality told.
A hotel “Chinar”  that is located near to the administration building will be ready in June and is a possession of Stoyan Najdenow  that occupies as well the  restaurant in the small city. The  hotel was regimented with means at program Sapard, as their number was not detailed.
The three storey property complex “Central”  will open doors in the end of the spring. It   is a possession of the present president of OBS of Hisar- Bojko Gawrilow and is being situated  close to the  fortified   wall in the resort, had become famous with his roman findings.
The investment in the spa complex  is for 1 million  euro . After few months will be ready two or three hotels more. The plovdiv company “Prokos”  LTD  has approached the construction  of Spa Hotel of area of 5650 sq.m ,situated on 4 levels. A homegrown businessman  is building spa complex in  the centre of the resort  town.
Some of the older  hotels are restored. 
Peculiar boom of the construction of hotels and complexs for relax  was charged in the last years in the  municipality .The reasons are the mineral springs.

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