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Real estate Property Prices In Bansko Reach 2100 eur per sq.m In 2007

 The advance of the real estate property market in the winter resort of Bansko has been very fascinating in the past a few years. But , in 2007 it seem  to be less dynamic.

The drop prices down has been ascribinged to the publication around Natura 2000 in April. Then, in the summer season, a ban on building authorization was impressive until a cadastral map and register of the resort are fixed.
The prices of the apartment  in Bansko cost about 1000 euro per sq.m. The most expensive are the ones near the lift station – 2100 euro per sq.m. Purchaser are mostly interested in  real estates located at an up to 400 meters stretch from the lift.

The resort now needs more luxury properties in order to focus attention richer clients. In  general  it is full of small buildings and apartments which bring stranger  with lower incomes in their countries.

Depositors are becoming much more cautious about plans in the area. One reason is that all good land plots near the lift station are already taken. The sales of the prices are also becoming harder, as prices have gone up some 10%.
Local vendors are now relying more on possible purchaser from Russia, Spain and Greece.

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