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World superstars increase Sofia real estate prices, according to Obelisk

Obelisk says Sofia real estates investments are attracting the attention of Hollywood popular and pop icons, prompting the emergence of a new luxury market.
Not expensive holidays, cheap skiing, cheap flights, not expensive food and drink, and of course cheap real estates - 'Cheap' has been the main attraction for British investors purchasing into Bulgaria.
However, big changes are in the air with an growing number of foreign investors and Hollywood A-listers buying up the more exclusive high-end real estates.
Antonio Banderas, who already owns real estate in Spain, is amongst "Hollywood royalty" passing many months in the capital filming The Code, due for release this year, along with Morgan Freeman who has revealed his interest in buying a block of executive flats in Sofia.
The newly renovated film studio in Sofia has created a house-hunting madness from top filmmakers and celebrities. New Image has strategically snapped up the previously state-run film atelier in Sofia for 9.2 million dollars in a bid to cut massive production value that the company faces in the US.
Sofia is home to the majority of the country's 200 000 millionaires with many ready to pay over 3 000 euro per sq. m. for  a complex in city centre.
The need for bigger, more luxurious real estates in prime city, beach and ski situations dictates the market evolution. Additionally, rising demand is originating from foreigners working for the big multinationals in Sofia and from Bulgaria's emerging middle to high classes, for real estates within commuting distance of the capital.

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