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Two room apartment in Sofia of approximately two times more costly from similar apartment in Minneapolis

 The rising of the prices of the euro toward the dollar to record values, as the real estate market crisis in USA  are making  the purchases of homes in USA  exceptional benefit for the europeans.
In the same time arise a question: “Are the prices of the properties  in Bulgaria justifiable”, although everybody knows that the prices are defining from different factors like supply and demand and that one stock is cost so mush as you can sell it.
As well after all, to satisfy our curios we are looking in the internet and after that we are comparing the prices of the properties in our country and the others country in all over the world.
We are europeans as well with the commitment to the lev with the euro after all and we use the advantages of the low - priced dollar.

Brief looking  in the internet and we can see the following : “ two room apartment is being sold -this is in our standard  and  one bedroom and one bathroom –in  USA standard with living area 56 sq.m.in  the suburban of Minneapolis for price of $ 46 200(31 100 euro),built in 1970.
Minneapolis and Saint Pol City-call Twin Cities, is a big metropolis in USA with population of approximately 3 million persons- so we can compare with Sofia.
For comparing, similar apartment in our Bulgarian capital Sofia is costing approximately more than 60 000 euro.
If we take into consideration the average incomes of the inhabitants in Bulgaria and USA ,the  live quality and others factors, arise a big question:
 “ Why the prices in Bulgaria are such like this?”

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