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 For the United States real estate market the financial crunch and a feeble dollar are not such bad news, Pari daily announced.
The classic business maxim that one should buy at times of decreasing prices is about to draw large-scale property investment attention  from all over Europe and some of Arab countries. Bulgarian real estate companies, working with American partners, have already watched grew request from Bulgarians for properties and holiday houses in the US, Pari told.
“We can not  speak  of a solid interest in the US real estate market, but we've been getting inquiries for some months now,” RE/MAX Chance group director Simeon Mitev sad Pari daily. Some locations have been turned into profitable real estate investments following price decreases. Inquirises from Bulgarian investors are guided mainly to Florida and big cities such as San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
Given the measurements of the US market-place, it's hard to provide summary informations for the sphere of the crisis. However, some estate agents overseas say that properties  has cheapend by 40 per cent per year.
Prices have even decreased with halve . House that cost $400 000 only a year ago are now on sale for $200 000, she told. Real estates agents from the US-based RE/MAX network said that Las Vegas was one of the cities entering the biggest diminish.
Property for more than $200 per sq ft usually sells at $ 90 to 125 per sq ft, Simeon Mitev added.
usually, investment in plot of land in Las Vegas is most profitable because the gambling capital is encircled by government plots and private real estates are restricted in number, he explained.
Teodora Dimitrova, told, however, that Las Vegas was a steadfast housing market with a fast growing inhabitants. A property there modifies  ownership every two years and the population has grew up from 0.5 million to 2 million people over the last 5 years, accordance with the  statistics.

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