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 French-based leading credit management company Coface put our country Bulgaria in its register of countries under supervision due to the growing sum of business risk, the credit insurance agency told in a declaration on 30 of March . Coface also sloped  down its country risk rating from "A4", which it assigned in January last year, to "A4-".
Coface’s rankings, including  165 countries in all over  the world, reflect the tendencies in 3 chief senses – economic,business climate and financial perspectives, as well as company policy concerning paying. The countries are classified in 7 risk levels: А1, А2, А3, А4, В, С and D, locomotive from the safety towards the riskiest end of the measure.
Rising present account loss has gave Bulgarian economy highly contingent on somebody else's investments from foreign countries  and has increased the amount of private foreign debt. It is hard to shorten the shortage in the short run due to the currency board administration, in which the lev is pegged to the euro, as well as the anticipated slow-down in FDI influx, Coface Bulgaria leader executive Kameliya Popova told in the declaration.
Bulgaria face  on Coface watchlist of countries where the business risk is increasing , but connoisseurs from Coface Bulgaria do not anticipate this to conduct to an real lowering of the country's rating.
Coface expect a smooth detention of the economy, which doesn’t  necessarily exclude the choice of achieving increase. The best performing sectors in 2008 are probable to be mining and chemist's industries, insurance and financial services, Popova announced.
Bulgaria's flowing account deficit rose by 57 per cent last year, raising to 6.18 billion euro, or the equipollent of 21.6 per cent of gross home product (GDP) in 2007, up from 3.93 billion euro or 15.7 per cent of GDP in 2006.
Some other countries in the region were put in the surveillance list, as well. Romania’s running ranking was reduced from А4 to А4- in September 2007. Also last year, the 3  Baltic States (Estonia Lithuania and  Latvia) were also rated as countries exhibiting an increasing tendency to risk . The USA, UK and Spain went the watch-out list in 2007, their growth being evaluated as predisposed to decreasing.. The classifyings of the premeditated 3 countries slid from А1 to А1-.
These modifies are attributed to the world economic meltdown, which is going to occupy over in 2008 as well, in accordance to Coface’s yearly report. The negative aptitude will be felt strongest in the developed industrial countries, while the increasing of developing markets’ economies in Europe, Asia and Latin America will lose one per cent as a result of the crisis in the United States  and West Europe. Coface envisages the global economy to increase by 3 per cent growth in 2008.

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