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Orco Property Group -the housings market in Bulgaria bears a potential

 The company „Orco Property Group” announced that did not feel negative influence in the world credit crisis and keep its interest to the sector of  home real estates in Bulgaria and  Romania , announced Property xpress.
"We continue to explore the housing markets in Bulgaria and Romania" - the vice prime minister of the company Ales Wolbuda  during representing the solutions of 2007 tells.
In Croatia, which is the VIP tourist destination for Czechoslovakia, we foresee realization of projects – second home. They  will be oriented  as to the czech, so as well to the other tourists.
Wobruda add that the residential sector is continuing to be the main source of clients for the company. During the last year, Orco sold 1503 apartments. As is being expected in this year the incomes from sales access 197 million euros.
Orco vice president sad that the company has not not been determined by the credit crisis in USA or from the rise in the construction prices of 5 of 9 %, that It is according to the conditions of EU.
“We have not still felt a special consequence of the credit crisis in USA ,or from advance in the construction charges in our country say Wobruda”. He added also that 40 %of the residential project of the “Citadela” company in Prague is being sold already, despite sales are said barely in march this year - We do not build with sure at the base to speculation.”We have certain finances for 2008."
In the present year the company will invest over 700 million euros, as 190 million euro of them can be saved  if their office project in Bucharest is postponed. This though at some manner will not be associated with the crisis in USA.
“Since long  time  in Central and East Europe is being seen  lack of choice housings and many contractors will be  bound up in this in the next fey years.”- added Wobruda.
In last year Orco close doubled its assets until 2,4 billion euros. The net profit reached 87,5 million for 2007,  that is with 9,5 % less from the hoped 100 -112 million.
Except in Czechoslovakia, the company be at in Paris, Warszawa and Hungary also. The expecting incoming of Orco for this year amount to 347 million euro. That is with 15 % more than last year.

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