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The price of the high quality housings in Bulgaria has been rise with 11 percent per year in world measure

The first class  housings markets in world  measure report  an average stature of 11% in 2007.- showed Knight Frank data, quoted  by aboutproperty.co.uk. In the end of 2006 and 2007, the highest stature of the prices was reached from quality housings in Antigua (40 %), Sen Jan Kap Fera in France (39%) and Sankt Peterburg in Russia (38%).“Biggest stature was observed in the new coming  Economies, particularly China and  Central and east Europe”, explained Liym Bejli-director in  the  company for exploration housing markets. “ The second sector with biggest stature is the sector of globally financial centers and sectors of the distances from the type “second home”- such as France and  Italy. Five from the tenth top locations are in this category, but  London outpaces all centers that have stayed of the combination of index-year stature and average price. The high quality properties in the British capital was raise the price of with 29%.Other financial capital in top ten are Singapore- 31%, New York- 25% and Dubai -24%. A larger number of new successful professionals in Moscow and other east european cities search a second home. Because of restraints in this,  that they can permit, they are looking  to buy on the  markets as Bulgaria instead of more placed finishes as France.The buyers of projects in the bulgarian seaside are 70 % of russians, 20 %t from Poland  and only 10 %  of clients in a north europe, he adds.

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