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The countries from East Europe and Scandinavian – the next victim of mortgage crisis

 The countries from East Europe and Scandinavian are the most likely markets that can follow Great Britain in the slumping of real estate markets. This is Barbara Knoflah’s opinion – executive director of the Germany investment fund for SEB Asset Management properties. In according to her opinion the market in Great Britan was the first influenced because the higher liquid. Also she said that the mortgage crisis can lead delay of the entire market in Europe, but the two regions are most potential vulnerable.“The scandinavian market will become a witness on a considerable slump of  the profitability as it will be followed by an East Europe”, she warns.Unstable crouch of the profitability in the last years is being observed in the two regions. Germany, France and Italy that are being characterized with a more fixed regulative administration  will not suffer that much, but  they will be not protected of more measure delay of the economy as well.What refers to UK, Konflah commented that the Geramny investors such as ImmoInvest that they had withdrawn fully from the British market in 2003, now again consider returning to it.We were so active in UK in 2001 to 2003 and subsequently encountered difficult because of currency exchange rates, she tells.It becomes clear from her words that at the moment  the british market is again attractive. The profitability return up to 5% and the fact that the most contacts for rent are concluding for long term with possibility for correction of the prices only up, mean that the the british market approaches  to the risk in other international markets, said Knoflah

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