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Some reasons why Bulgarian real estates are good investment

 Bulgaria is one of the most attractive countries in Europe where you can have great holiday. It is not and expensive to bye property in a lovely region with marvelous views. Here are some of the reasons why to bye property in Bulgaria is good investment:
•Matchless real estate prices very low juxtaposed to most other European locations
•Huge tourism development potential. It observed increasing of tourists with 50 %( 90% increase from EU visitors).
•Early phase of growth in Bulgaria perfect time to invest.
•Steady government committed to economic reform.
•Strong bid for the 2014 winter Olympic games.
•Strong opportunity of inclusion in the European Union in 2007 backed by the UK.
•"Blue Flag" Beaches along 354km of Black Sea coast.
•Top ski resorts with latest equipment- Bulgarian Ski Resort
•Golf courses near Beach resort
•Short flight times from Europe.
•Average air temperature on Black Sea Coast in Summer is 29°c and average water temperature is 23°c
•Considered one of the most rapidly advancing countries in Europe
The International Property Investment Network – IPIN  is projected to help investors of all levels to detect the best and safest investment opportunities, maximising our member\'s chances of achieving the best return on investment from Bulgarian real estate purchases.

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