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Who are the most expensive precious markets to real estates in the world

 In some regions o the world the real estates are so traditionally expensive that you cannot buy for 1. 5 million dollars as well even who knows what : commend Businesweek.
Despite the world economy problems, the mortgage crisis and the soaring commodities prices, in these regions the rates to the real estates remain astronomically.
For example: with $ 1.5 million in Kliivland or Tampa you can bye 4 bedrooms house, garage for few cars and even and with swimming pool. In the london district-Belgravia or on a fifth avenue in Manhattan, the studio apartment can be found only for that rate and though notably de luxe.
The highest average price in the world for sq. foot is  in London -$ 6 191. You can buy only itself an apartment-type-studio in the most prestigious districts of the city for 1. 5 million dollars(  or as we tell them boksoniera). You can buy itself two bedrooms apartment to a Source-Grandee at that rate in the same time in Venice (despite the lack of space). There are cities in the world, where the rates of the real estates are not determined, from no world trends , Knight Frank tells.
For example: through the fourth quarter of 2007 in Dublin (where there was boom in the sector ever) the rates of the housings declined by 15%. In the same time in London and Tokyo the rates continued developing from in the entire 2007 and calmed barely down this year. In the end of the last year the prices of luxury real estates in Sankt Petersburg was with 36 % higher than the prices of the preceding year. And this is not all in comparison with the increasing of 95%, registered in 2006. The luxury places in London have appreciated by 29 % in 2007.
Steady the rates are largely to the homes with price that rate-over one million in the cities as London, Paris and Monaco. That is so, because their buyers are most already millionaires from Russia, China and the countries from the Near East - humans that do not be contingent from the world mortgage  crisis.
Magazine-Business week made  classification  of the 20  cities with highest real estates rates in the world for that as well can buy in their more prestigious parts. In the list the data is used to an agency Knight Frank.

1.  London
Average price  :$  6 191 per sq. foot (  $66 615 per sq.m.)
What you can bye  with $ 1.5 million : studio apartment
         A year stature ( the comparison is for the fourth trimester of 2006 hereby in 2007) : 29%
          In central London in the period between 2005 and 2007 there was was real boom in the sector. The year stature was expected to slow up this year. But on the section of super luxury housings it will stay solid. For the last six month of 2007 the selling of the housings with prices more than $10 million  in the section Belgraviq, Chelsi and Naitsbridj  was increased with 190% comparing the same period in 2006.

2. Monako
Average price per sq. foot: $5 888 ( $63 354 per sq.m.)
What you can bye with $1.5 million : studio apartment
Year stage : 25%
What attracts the millionaires to Monaco except the casinos, the Mediterranean Sea and the models? Perhaps that the  inhabitants don’t pay income tax!
3. Sen Jan Fere ( France)
Average price :$ 5 853/sq. foot ( $63 032 per sq.m)
What you can bye with $1.5 million : studio apartment
Year stage : 39%
The french resort is much popular among the european aristocracy. This is the favorite place of Pol Alan as well.

4. Kurshevel ( France)
Average price :$ 4 710/sq. foot( 450 679 per sq.m.)
What you can bye with $1.5 million : studio apartment
Year stage : 5%
If you like skiing and shoping,this resort situated in the French Alpi is just for you. It is favorite place and for the russian rich people. There is and the popularity hotel  Le Lana where the famous people make  exquisite parties .
       5.Hon Kong
       Average price: $ 4 507 per sq. foot ( $48 495 per sq.m)
      What you can bye with $1.5 million: studio apartment
         Year stage: 21%
      6. Manhattan
      Average price: $4 320 ( $46 483 per sq.m)
      What you can bye with $1.5 million: studio apartment
         Year stage: 25%

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