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On St. Dimitri’s day- hour more sleep

 At 4.00 hours this morning upgrading to the astronomical time. In other words - moved watches back an hour.
This year the day an hour more sleep coincides with the great Christian holiday St. Dimitri’s Day.
It is believed that St. Dimitar was proconsul of Thessalonica and was died a martyr to Christ’s faith on October 26th  306 year.
People's cult of St. Dimitar name him the older brother of St. George.
According to traditions on that day begins winter season.
Widespread is saying ‘St. George summer wear and St. Dimitar – winter”.
In the minds of our ancestors St. Dimitar red horse ride and the snowflakes fall from his white beard.
On St. Dimitri’s Day plough put away on dry place, to lay the wood for the winter, expect the first snow. Three days after St. Dimitri’s Day are typical - so called Mouse holidays observed mainly by women.
St. Dimitri’s Day also been adopted as an international day of the builder.
Celebrate all architects, designers, construction engineers and all involved in the construction.

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