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Abramovich gaves to his girlfriend land on the moon

 Darya Zhukova, girlfriend of Roman Abramovich, received by him land on the moon, announced InterNovosti.Ru.
The plot spreads over 100 acres (about 40 hectares), located in the southern hemisphere of the moon and has excellent visibility from Earth using not even a very powerful telescope.
Plots of land on the Moon already have over 3 million people, including Russian celebrities, including the poet with a guitar and deputy Alexander Rozenbaum and the actor Yuri Galtsev.
With the moon areas can be made exactly the same operations as with the earth - purchase, transmission and inheritance donation.
At the end of last year, investment bank UBS published an analysis in which half seriously, half jocularity estimated that 1 acre (4047 square meters) of the moon is rose up with  40% since the beginning of 2007.
Also last year the Israel Air Force bought a moon land of 500 thousand square meters.
The sale of plots on the moon began in 1980 when American businessman Dennis Hope used legal loophole in the Treaty of the OON in 1967 for the principles of operation of States in the exploration and use of cosmic space including the moon and other celestial bodies.

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