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Hydrothermal spings on Mars

 American astronomers described formations on the surface of Mars that may have existed in a hot springs, announced MSNBC.
In the hydrothermal springs on Earth living organisms, which according the scientists are the closest relatives of the first organisms on our planet.
The existence of such springs on Mars is important for the opportunity to be discovered alien life.
On Mars there are many signs showing that the planet once was warmer and more humid. Opens at the end of the Arabia Terra region were taken from the space apparatus "rikanisans orbitar Mars”.
They like many of the hot springs on Earth, "said author of the study of cosmic Carlton Allen from the space Center “Johnson”.
The form of hills and canals that run from them look like of the earth. They are in a deep crater with steep slope and may be fed by water sources below the surface of Mars.
Scientists are not sure of the origin of the formations, neither what is their, because there is no data.
On the Earth, the  areas around hot springs are with a special mineral composition. If there are such on Mars, it will confirm the discovery.
"Mars rikanisans orbitar” has a tool that can study the composition, but it prevents the fat layer of dust.
Hydrothermal formations appear to be quite rare on Mars, because Alan and his colleagues have reviewed thousands of pictures and found no others.

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