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Perperikon was chief economic center in the Eastern Rhodopes

 Newly discovered ancient and medieval inscriptions of Perperikon define it as a significant commercial and economic center in the Eastern Rhodopes in 4-5 century.This announced professor Nikolai Ovcharov.
“The inscriptions were the first discovered epigraphic monuments of Perperikon. Information for Anatolian and Syrian settlers in this region of Thrace show strong development of economic relations within the city of the Roman Empire, "said Ovcharov.
According to him, two of the inscriptions are in Latin and dated 4-5 century. They show the economic development of Perperikon in Late Antiquity period. The inscriptions were discovered in the beat of the disclosed parts of the Roman road and blacksmith's workshop, dated 4-5 century.
In recent days was found and lead seal from the late 11th century. On it is inscribed the name of the eminent dignitary proedar Muselii Bakuriani.

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