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Extension the re-registration of Bulgarian companies

 As you know till the end of this year all Bulgarian companies had to re-register. With the new adopted law the deadline for re-registration of companies is extended with one year. The term and should to expire on 31 of December 2010. Now there is extension of 1 year to 31st of December 2011. The period for re-registration have been continued on 30.12.2010 because the congestion of the tax register.
More information you can read bellow:
If you have open company in Bulgaria and own property or through a registered company the Bulgarian government now requires that you re-register the company by the end of 2011 only if your Bulgarian Company was created prior to January 2008.
Failure to re-register will result in the loss of the company and its assets (property, land etc.) and you will also incur a fine and will have to pay for the procedure to close the company. This could result in the company be broken down and sold off and may still be in the situation of owing money to the Bulgarian Government, which may follow you to your residential address.
Your company registration process can start either from abroad or when you come in Bulgaria. Just let us know the way that you prefer. You can give a Power of Attorney for the re- registration to us or our lawyer and we will sign the necessary documents on your behalf.
The Law also request that all Bulgarian companies, no matter whether they are trading or not, publish their financial reports in the online register, starting from the reports for 2007. This should be done within 2 months after their company re- registration. This is also something that we or our lawyer can do for our clients.
Our advice is if you have a company in Bulgaria, not to wait till the last minute, but organize your company registration. Our lawyer will be ready to help you go through the whole process and act on your behalf.
Some of our clients already did the re- registration, so don’t wait till the last minute.
If you have any question , do not hesitate to contact us on:


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