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Austria ranked Bulgaria as the most favourable country for tourism

 The Austrian Agency for statistic announced that Austrian get the most quality tourism product for their money in Bulgaria. According to the ranking, our country Bulgaria offers the best value for money comparing 28 countries.

For 100EUR, earned in Austria, the tourists receive in Bulgaria products that worth 205euros, showing the calculation of statisticians.

At all, for Austrian more attractive for tourism are the countries from East Europe, where for 100 euros they can receive gods and services for more than 160Euros.

Romania is ranking second point in the classification for tourist destinations with 186 Euros, following by Hungary( EUR 177) , Czech republic( EUR 162).

At the same time, Australia(72EUR) and Denmark( EUR 74) are the two most expensive countries in the ranking, followed by Sweden and Switzerland, where for 100Euros Austriuan receive products and services for 75 Euros.

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