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Houses are predominantly the recently built properties


 About 70 per cent of the recently constructed residential buildings during Q3 are houses. The construction of the most common types of properties, the two-bedroom ones, decreases as the building of the smaller and the bigger properties is steady, show recent data of the National Statistical Institute. These figures relate to the ready-to-use properties during Q3 last year.

Preliminary data reveal that the number of the ready-to-use residential buildings increases by 26.9 % and the apartments in them – by 17.9 %. The regional city of Stara Zagora is now characterized by the most dynamic construction of new residential buildings – 129 buildings with 415 apartments in them. Other Bulgarian cities with the same trend are: Varna – 91 buildings with 612 apartments, Burgas – 86 buildings with 576 apartments.

Their number in the capital city of Sofia is only 12 new buildings with 42 apartments. Most of the newly constructed properties consist of two rooms (36.8 %) but their number slashes compared to the previous year. The share of the three-bedroom apartments is 30 % .The average useful area of a recently built real estate increases from 83.4 sq.m during Q3 of 2013 to 85.8 sq. m during Q3 of 2014.

The most spacious properties constructed from July to September are in Shumen region – 209.5 sq.m, Silistra – 186 sq.m and the most compact properties are built in these regions: Blagoevgrad – 53 sq.m and Stara Zagora – 71.2 sq.m. More than three fourths of the new objects have reinforced concrete construction and one fifth of them have brick construction.



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