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Electronic tourist guide presents pedestrian itineraries in Veliko Turnovo


   17 pedestrian tourist itineraries in Veliko Turnovo and Veliko Turnovo district are part of an electronic guide, elaborated by one of the local tourist associations and by the Regional Historical Museum.

  A detailed map of each itinerary is presented in the issue including the exact description of the marking, the length of the route, the difficulty, how long it takes to be walked as well as information about the tourist and natural landmarks in the vicinity. The issue is now in electronic edition but it is about to be released in printed edition and in a foreign language.  

  The eco paths close to the ‘’Nicopolis Ad Istrum’’ Architecture Reserve, the waterfalls on the road to the ‘’Preobrazhenie Monastrey’’ and to the Ksilifor area and the Arbanassi village, the Emen Canyon and the Hotnishki Waterfall are included in the electronic issue. The longest route is a six-hour passage from the Kapinovski Monastery to the town of Elena. The guide will be spread free and it will also be uploaded on the web pages of the Regional Historical Museum and the tourist association in the Old Capital of Veliko Turnovo.

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