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UK property prices - biggest decrease since 1991

ukThe prices of the properties in UK have discovered for May their most severe decrease for the last 17 years, it becomes clear from report of Nationwide Building Society.
The average properties price is being lowered with approximately 2.5 per cent on the island, comparison to April, reaches levels of 173.583 GBR. In comparison with the same period of last year, the rate has declined with approximately 4.4 per cent, becomes clear from the exported data.
According to the director of the central bank of the country Marvin King, the prices of real estates are being expected to continue to low in the next months. It likelihood will lead the economy of the country to serious stagnation.
The mortgage loans have discovered downturn with over 39 per cent in Aprils, in comparison with the same period of last year, it becomes clear from survey of the banker association of Uk.
The prices of the real estates to the island discover slump for a seventh month, which is the longest period since 1992, according to analyzers.
For the central bank of the country is difficult to support the basic rate of interestshare, after record high prices of the petroleum endlessly increase the inflation. Her level already reaches its highest values since 1992, according to economists.

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