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 Our ServicesTwo criteria influence the decision to buy a property in Bulgaria – Investment Potential and Lifestyle Choice.
Conceivably the days of property price increases of more then 40 % per annum are behind us but current growth rates of 20 % per annum compare to other destinations and forecasts remain optimistic. One of the greatest returns from investing in Bulgaria is the lifestyle it has to offer. It has Blue Flag award winning beaches, superb ski opportunities, cosmopolitan cities and rural silence like in no other part of Europe. Combine great investment and great way of life.

 Our Services                                        


Viewing trips
We do not charge Viewing Fee. You have to pay transport expense of 30 Euro cents per km. If you buy a property through our agency this amount will be subtracted as a part of our commission but not more than 150 Euros per each property you purchase.

 Our Services
Deposit payment  - You find the exact property for you!
If you wish to secure a property in Bulgaria the usual deposit rate is 10 % of the price of the property. We will then secure the property for you with the owners.
Note that the deposit is non-refundable in case you decide to not to purchase the property.

In case you have not a Bulgarian company
As a foreign person to buy a property with land or a plot of land you need to set up a Bulgarian Ltd. company. It will be a Bulgarian legal unit you may use it to obtain a property in Bulgaria.
Our solicitor will help you to set up the company. The process goes like that:
 - You sign all the documents needed for the company formation giving our solicitor a POA to register the company.
 - 1 Euro stay deposited in a temporary bank account – this is the starting capital of your company. This bank account is set up by our solicitor. It stays there until the company registration is completed – 10-15 days. After that the 1 Euro is withdrawn. 
 - 500 Euros are the state and solicitor fees.

Deposit by bank transfer
When you wish to secure a property you confirm us and we send you our company bank details. You pay 10% of the price of the property by bank transfer to our head office. When you are sending the deposit you enter your name and the reference number of the property.

Agreement for order
Right after the deposit for the property is here our solicitors will draft a contract containing all of the agreed details. You will receive it via e-mail, you have to sign it and send it by post to the address of our head office:
Bulgarian properties 4all
6 General Skobelev Street
6100 Kazanlak, Bulgaria
Preparation of the documents for the company formation from abroad
You have not time to come to Bulgaria for the company papers?
Ask for more information at:

Company formation
You use your Bulgarian Ltd. Company to obtain a property in Bulgaria (not required if purchasing an apartment in Bulgaria as it has minimal land ownership or it has not). 
500 Euros are the state and solicitor fees for the setting up of the limited company. After the company is ready we proceed and acquire the property ownership rights for you. The company registration takes about between 10 to 15 days.
The usual time period between the exchanges of the Preliminary contract to the ownership rights transferring of the property is a month. It is necessary for legal checks on Title documents, Permissions and Licenses, Debts on Title to be made.
Balance payment, costs for purchasing a property:
Right after your company is set up and our solicitors make the final checks of the sale documentation you send us a balance payment for purchasing a property.
The outstanding balance includes:
The rest of the price of the property (90%)
 6 % of the price of the property – notary fees, stumps duty, etc.
Our commission – 3% of the price of the property but not less than
500 Euros for the company formation (in case you have not a company).

After sale service (in case you wish to look after your property).
Notary Act/Deeds
The Title deed will be transferred to your company name
Reporting property tax to tax authorities. It has to be done within two months of the date of the transaction settlement before a notary public.

Congratulations !
You have become the new owner of the property, the ownership rights are transferred the name of your company.

After sale services
Drafting of annual financial report and Tax Return, arranging and filing  them at the end of the year at the Tax Office;
Assisting in furnishing the house;
Refurbishment and decoration, Renovation, Plumbing, Electrics, Garden maintenance;
Inspecting/overseeing the property once a month;
Assisting in insuring the property;
Assisting the foreign person to be registered in the “Immigration Office” at the nearest Police station when they stay in the property bought by them;
Arranging and making monthly payments of current expenses of electricity, water, telephone;

 Our Services
We are ready to sell your property for you, providing a full service from advertising to completing the sale on your behalf. You need to set up price and let us know.
Our commission for selling is 3% but not less then 1 000 Euros. You can add this on the price you want for the property. This covers advertising and communication costs.
W Our Servicese will make picture of the property, advertise it for you, find a client and complete the sale.


We are also ready to advertise your property for rent.

Building works/repairs
You wish to renovate your property or you possess a plot of land you wish to build your new home our professional team of an architect and local builders are ready to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us for more info at info@bulgarianproperties4all.com

 Our Services Our Services Our Services