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Bourgas region

BourgasThe town of Burgas is situated on the coast of the Black Sea in Burgas Bay on a flat country known as Burgas plate. The average altitude is 17 m. To the north and to the south of Bourgas there are salt lakes, which are protected areas because of the fact that they are a part of the Via Pontica route of migrating birds.

The climate is of the moderate continental type with a definite influence of the sea. Summer is pleasantly fresh because of the constant movements of the air. The average day temperature of the air during the summer is 26.4° C, and the temperature of the sea water – 24.8° C. The winter is mild with no snow. The average day temperature of the air during the winter is 4.6° C, and that of the sea water – 7.4° C. Because of the influence of the sea the autumn is long and warmer than it is in the country, and the spring is comparatively cold and usually comes one month later than normal.

At the beginning of the 21st century Burgas is a municipal and regional center as well as the fourth biggest town in Bulgaria with a population of about 226 000 inhabitants. According to the economic indicators the Municipality of Burgas is second among the other Bulgarian municipalities. Burgas is an important industrial, commercial, transport and tourist center. Nowadays the city has great economic potential.

Burgas has the biggest port in the country with the only petrol terminal south to the Balkan mountain. The railway and road networks are well developed. The airport has the best atmospheric conditions on the Balkan peninsula and is the only airport to accept supersonic airplanes. Since 1989 Burgas has been known as a Duty Free Zone.
Thanks to the sea, the industrial activities (chemistry, machine-building, transport) and the small distance between Burgas and the other big cities in Bulgaria and the capital (which doesn’t make the city of Burgas a satellite city), Burgas has its own spiritual and cultural atmosphere. It is a big educational, scientific and arts centre.

Burgas is the center of the tourism industry on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is also a starting point for visiting the Black Sea summer resorts and vacation villages around the city – Sunny Beach, Elenite, Dunes, the towns – museums Nessebar and Sozopol, the Ropotamo reserve, the Strandzha nature park.

BourgasBurgas and its region are offering a rich variety of opportunities. To the north of Burgas 120 km away is Varna – the other big sea town in Bulgaria. It takes about two hours by car or bus to reach Varna. It will take you only half an hour to go to Sunny Beach – one of the most famous summer resorts in Bulgaria, and to the vacation village “Elenite”. In the same direction is the old town of Nessebar – a town-museum which has kept the ruins of the ancient Roman town Messemvria. To the south of Burgas there are also many summer resorts and vacation villages – Chernomorez, Primorsko, Kiten, Lozenez, Tsarevo, Ahtopol. In the same direction there is the town-museum Sozopol, the vacation village Dunes, the International Youth Centre – Primorsko and the Ropotamo reserve. In the most southern part of the Region of Burgas is the Strandja mountains. It is the biggest natural park in Bulgaria. It has an extremely rich natural collection of flora and fauna – over 50 % of the flora in the country. This park is a kind of an ethnographic reserve – on its territory you can find the village Bulgari, in which the ritual of the fire dancing is reserved.