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Sliven region

SlivenSliven region is situated in south-eastern part of Bulgaria and it's bounded by other six Bulgarian regions - Bourgas, Yambol, Stara Zaroga, Veliko Tarnovo, Shumen and Targovishte. The relief highly varied from high mountains in the north, through semi-mountains and plains to the south. The region also includes the Tundzha river hilly area and the plains of Nova Zagora, Sliven and Kermen. The Elena-Tvarditza Mountains and Sliven Montains are part of the long Balkan range, rise to the north. The rivers in the region are Tundzha, Luda Kamchia, Assenovska, Old River and Blatnitza River. There are several dams which are one of the biggest and oldest in Bulgaria - Zhrebchevo dam, Assenovets. Spa springs near Sliven and Nova Zagora are prerequisites for the development ot balneological tourism. There are opportunities for educational and culltural tourism, mountaineering and paraplaning in Sinite Kamyni (The Blue Stones) Nature Park, the rock phenomena (the Ring and the Glove), the caves (Peschenik, Haidushka, Bachvata) and the protected areas of Aglikina Polyana, Zhelezni Vrata (Iron Gate) and Bozhura. The important for the transport Sofia-Burgas railroad crosses the territory of the region. Here are several passes in the Balkan Mountains connect the region with Northern Bulgaria. Agriculture and industry are well developed here. The town of Kotel is one of the main centers of the carpet industry in Bulgaria.

The Lands of Sliven have been populated since ancient times. Many prehistoric tells have been discovered there, among them - one of the biggest in Europe, the Karanovo tell. Thracians have left many cultural marks in almost all of the settle ments i nthe region. The mountains passes, have been safeguarded by fortifications, the remnants of which are preserved near Sliven and Tvarditza and many villages. Big houses have been build in many settlements of revivalist architectural style have been preserved - in Kotel, Zheravna, Sliven, Katunishte and Medven. Folk and religious feasts, preserved in their authenticity in many parts of the region, are of intrerest to tourists. SlivenSliven