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Plovdiv region

PlovdivRegion of Plovdiv is bounded by the regions of Pazardzhik, Sofia, Lovech, Stara Zagora, Haskovo, Kardzhali and Smolyan and its situated in Southern Bulgaria. There are many natural landmarks in the region - the reserves of Dzhendema, Red Wall, Kormisosh, Old River, the beautiful waterfalls of Suchrum and Raisko Pruskalo (the highest in Bulgaria) and many caves.

Plovdiv region is an agrarian and industrial one with varied and economic sectors, very important from a transport point of veiw - the road from Western Europe to Istambul crosses the region, as does the Trakia (Thrace) highway connecting Black Sea coastline with South-Western part of the country.

The first settlers here were the Thracians. The region used to be part of the Odrysian Kingdom - a center of a highly developed ancient civilization. Plovdiv city is also called “The Cultural Capital of Bulgaria “, “The Town of the Seven Hills“, Philipopolis, Trimontzium. The place, where the Past and the Present walk together hand in hand creating an unique and glamorous atmosphere.

You can see the civilization – beautiful parks, large modern buildings and all the technologies of the 21th century and then… You make just one step and you enter the Past – narrow cobblestone streets and fascinating, old houses from the time of the Bulgarian national revival.

Great monuments and museums are telling you the history of Plovdiv from the time of the Roman Empire with the perfectly saved Amphitheatre, troughPlovdiv the Liberation from Byzantium till nowadays.

Plovdiv is also famous with the International Fair, which is a great industrial event and is taking place twice a year. From the top of the hills you can see the Rodopa Mountain. A legend says that Orpheus was playing on his lyre to search for his beloved Eurydice. Nowadays it is the great ski-resort Pamporovo with all extras you need, clean air and beautiful nature. All these features gathered in one and the famous spa-resort Hissar make the town of Plovdiv and the area one of the most desirable places for living.