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Vidin region


Vidin Region is one of the small regions in the country. It is located in the north-westernmost part of the Danubian plain. The region is bounded north by the Danube River and west by Serbia (both boundaries coinciding with the state borders of Bulgaria) and east by Montana Region. The relief of Vidin Region is diverse, From northeast to northwest alternate the hilly Danubian Plain, the fore-Balkans and the main Balkan range. The Danube River is a natural link not only with neighboring Romania but also with the other countries along the river. The region houses the unique biosphere reserve of Chuprene, the gorgeous Belogradchik Rocks, the rock formations at Borov kamak and Chuturite, lots of caves (Magura Venetsa). Natural landmarks, ecologically clean areas and opportunities for fishing in the dams along the Danube River are prerequisites for development of ecotourism, fishing and balneological tourism.

The main railroad in the region is the Sofia-Mezdra-Vratsa-Vidin railway line. The two harbors (near Vidin and near Novo Selo) and the vehicle and railroad car ferryboat line serve as a shortcut between Western Europe, Bulgaria and the Aegean Sea.The cultural history of the town is reflected in the numerous archeological monuments, architectural fragments, sculptures, bronze and clay items thar are kept in the museums. On the walls of Magurata cave the pre-historic man made more than 700 exVidinceptional drawings. The ancient settlements of Ratsiaria (today's Archar) and Bononia (today's Vidin) and Castra Madres fortress (today's Kula) are all evidence of the progress made by those settlements during the Roman times. For two millennia the region had been an important military, transport and commercial center, evidence for which are numerous defensive works built in the vicinity. Baba Vida Fortress and Belogradchik fortress give an idea about the Bulgarian medieval fortresses and remnants from ancient castles can be found all over the area - in the town of Kula, the villages of Chichil, Topolovets, Florentine (the Florentiana Roman castle) and elsewhere.