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Targovishte region

TargovishteTargovishte Region is situated in North-Eastern Bulgaria. It borders Ruse Region, Razgrad Region, Shumen Region, Sliven Region, and Veliko Tarnovo Region. The relief is a combination of hills and plains. The territory of the region involves the eastern part of the Danubian Plain, the Popovo Uplands, and parts of the Razgrad Heights, the eastern fore-Balkan, and Lisa Mounkains. The rivers have low waters and most of them dry out in summer. The Black Lam River, the Vrana River, and the Grand (Golyama) River are the larger among them. There are spa springs near Targovishte and Yastrebino is the largest dam. The region has transport importance. It is crossed by Hemus Highway and the Sofia-Varna railroad. Agriculture well developed here. The Chardonnay and Muskat wines from the Targovishte Region are prominent all over the world.

Covered with dense forests, the territories of the region have been populated since distant ancient kimes. A lot of settlement mounds, ceramics, and idol plastic art have been discovered. The architectural culture in Polyanikza gives us an idea about the life in the Chalcolythic Age, and the Neolithic Age is represented through the archaeological culture in Ovcharovo. A Thracian masonry mound has been discovered at the village of Kranevo along with a gold treasure from the 3rd century BC (it is preserved in the History Museum of Targovishte). There are remains of the Thracian culture at Gorna Zlatitza, DraIfa, Opaka, Pirinetz, Krepcha and elsewhere. The lands of the region were within the boundaries of Khan Asparuh's Bulgaria as early as the state was established, New fortresses were built and the old ones were restored. Remnants from them can be found at many places - in the vicinity of Targovishte, Opaka, Omurtag, Razdeltzi. There are conditions at hand for hunting and ecotourism in the region.Targovishte