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Pazardzhik region

PazardjikThis region is located in Southern part of Bulgaria, bounded by the regions of Sofia, Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad and Smolyan. It includes parts of several mountains - Rila, western Rhodopes and Sredna Gora and becouse ot that the region is abundant in water resources. On both sides of the Maritza river and its tributaries the Topolnitza and Luda Yana spread of fertile field of Pazardzhik. The waters of more than 100 rivers and brooks gather together in the catchment basin of the Batak waterpower route. A number of dams have been constructed in the region: Batak, Shiroka Polyana, Belmeken, Toshkov Chark, Beglika. There are also thermal springs in the towns of Velingrad, Bratzigovo, Varvara and Banya. Pazardzhik is a well-developed agricultural region and industrial region. An international railroad and highway Belgrade-Sofia-Istanbul is cut across the region.

PazardjikThe lovely nature, myraid of rivers and artificial lakes contribute to the development mountain, rural and ecotourism. There is a significant diversity of game species and conditions in mountain resorts for the development of hunting tourism on the territory of the region.

Pazardzhik region also abounts in historical and cultural monuments. Here, the land still keeps the memory of Thracians, Slavs, Turks, Romans, Byzanties and Bulgarians. There are remnants of the Thracian settlement of Besapara, Tzepina fortress and some medieval settlements. The inhabitants took an active part in the April Uprising of 1876 and suffered many losses. The desicion to begin the uprising was taken in the historical area of Oborishte.