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Shumen region

ShumenShumen region is situated in North-East part ot Bulgaria. It is bounded by other 7 regions, 2 of them are the most developed Varna and Bourgas at the sea coast. It extends over the Shumen pleteau and the estern parts of Balkan Mountains. The region is cut by Golqma Kamchia River, Ticha River, Vrana River, etc. The region is rich in mineral springs in the foot of Balkan Mountain and there is a spa resort - Mineralna Voda. A big dam is build on the Ticha River. The Shumen nature park, the reserves of Patleyna Monastery, a variety of caves, cultural and natural landmarks are all prerequisites for development of tourism.

There are important Bulgarian national and international roads pass through the region like Hemus highway, Rousse-Shumen-Varna, Silistra-Shumen-Yambol. The region has well-developed industry and agriculture. White and rose wines were produced here as well as the wormwood wine of Osmar. The oldest stud farm in Bulgaria is located by the village of Konyovets.

The cultural history of the region to the Neolitic Age and a great number of Thracian mounds and fortified settlements and Roman fortresses have been found in Shumen region. The area have been part of the Bulgarian state ever since its establishment in 681. A lot of archelogical landmarks related to the history of the First Bulgarian Kingdom have remained. The monumental remnants of the first capShumenital cities of Bulgaria - Pliska and Preslav - are discovered here. The cult site near the village of Madara has been worshipped by the Thracians and then by the Bulgars. The unique bas-relief of the Madara horsemen (Madarski konnik), included in the UNESKO World Heritage List, is located in thi region.