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Montana region

MontanaMontana region covers a part of northwestern Bulgaria and its bounded by Vidin, Vratza and Sofia regions. The territory covers parts of the hilly Danubian Plain, the fore - Balcan Mountains and of the proper Balkan range. Water transport is a significant for the development of the region. The harbour of Lom is the second biggest river port in Bulgaria after Rousse.

The town of Montana is situated at 110 km. north of Sofia and 102 km. of Vidin. The town is located immediately to the Ogosta River and has approx. 55 000 inhabitants. The town is an heir of the Roman fortress settlement Casta ad Montanezium or known also as Montana. The strategic position of the crossroad of important roads determined the position of the Roman town. In III century, it was the most significant town in the province of Dakia under the name of “Ripenziz”. It was destroyed by the Barbarians.

During the Turkish rule, it was mentioned for first time under the name of “Kultovitsa”, while after the Liberation the settlement was mentioned under the name of “Goliama Kutlovitsa”. Montana was declared town for the first time in 1891. It became craft center and major stock market. Tradesmen from all the country as well as from abroad – from Turkey, Romania, Serbia came to the annual market. After the First World War, many refugees from Tsaribrod settled here. In 1945, the town was renamed to Michailovgrad, and in 1993 took the name Montana.

Bus and railway transport are the two types of transport connecting the town with the rest of the country. There Montanaare regular bus transport lines to Sofia, Lom, Vidin, Belogradchik, Pleven, Vratsa and to the smaller settlements. Montana is transitional railway station on the line Boichinovtsi –Berkovitsa.

South of the town are the remains of the old Rome fortress Kastra ad Montanezium. Most of the findings, found there are in the Montana Historical Museum. Only at the distance of 22 km. West of the town is located the Loupushna monastery.

The Montana Dam has been turned into a wonderful place for rest, sport, water tourism and fishing. Many holiday bases and establishments are built here and there is a regular bus transport.